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Gain followers

Are you looking for how to gain followers on Instagram? InsteLikes can help you get new followers.

Get a new audience.

Start gaining followers, accumulate some coins and create an ad for your profile on InsteLikes. Coins can be obtained for free by interacting with other InsteLikes users.

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InsteLikes: Gain followers

Get likes

Select your TikTok videos or Instagram photos that you want to get the most likes and share them on InsteLikes.

Have posts with many likes.

Use your coins to get likes on Instagram or earn likes on TikTok. Choose your favorite photo and then wait for other users to interact.

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InsteLikes: Get likes

Get comments

Ask other InsteLikes users to comment on your photos and get Instagram comments.

Grow your audience with comments.

Comments are critical for your profile to come to life and make your feed even more active. Use your coins and create a comment ad, so that other people can comment on your Instagram photo.

InsteLikes: Get comments

Get saves

Do you know that "Save" or "Keep" function on your Instagram posts? InsteLikes can help you get some.

Improve engagement.

Saves turn out to be a very useful metric to analyze profile engagement, although this data is not public for your followers. How about earning saves on your Instagram photos, with InsteLikes?

InsteLikes: Get saves

Get views

Let other users see your stories and get views in your profile stories, free of charge.

Make your stories visible.

Stories are very important to interact with your audience, and it can be even better with the help of InsteLikes, to gain more views.

InsteLikes: Get views

How does InsteLikes work?

Discover how InsteLikes works and how you can gain followers and likes on your favorite social network.



Download InsteLikesApp to your device, Android or Windows, completely free of charge.


Find out!

Explore a new Feed and discover new profiles and posts from other InsteLikes users.



Interact only on posts you deem relevant and receive coins as a reward.



Use the coins you earn to advertise your profile, or post, then you will gain your first followers.

Why use InsteLikes?

InsteLikes is unique, find out what is different from other services.


All the followers that you get are real. InsteLikes does not use robots and we do not automate interactions, nor do we offer any feature to automate interactions.


InsteLikes offers some free basic filters so you can gain the best followers and likes.


InsteLikes has been used by over a million users. InsteLikes has already helped to get over a billion interactions.


With InsteLikes you are in control of your account and profile. You will only follow users that you want.


There are no complications, just fulfill a few orders and create an campaign to gain likes, comments and followers.


InsteLikes is free to use, forever. You can get a premium account, but it is not necessary to use the service.

Do you want to stay on top of what is the latest?

Check out what is the latest on our blog to get more likes and followers.

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Instagram 2024: Ganhe Seguidores com Novas Funcionalidades!

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Do you have any questions?

These are some common questions about how InsteLikes works.

How to get followers on Instagram with InsteLikes?

There are several ways to get followers on Instagram, with InsteLikes you can promote your post to other users, who can follow your profile. To do this, simply access the application and select the "Promote" option, and use your coins. Coins can be obtained for free, and without any advertising.

How to get likes on Instagram with InsteLikes?

InsteLikes allows you to promote your profile to other users, gaining several real followers. To do this, install the application, create your account, and select the "Promote" option and choose the profile you want to promote. To get followers you will need coins, which can be obtained for free by liking other users' posts.

How does InsteLikes work?

InsteLikes is a platform that allows you to gain followers, likes, comments, views, saves for Instagram and also for TikTok, as an exchange of interactions. To better use the platform, it is recommended that you download the application for Android, Windows or macOS, create your free account and create an ad to get interactions.

What is the difference between the app and the website?

The Browser version has fewer resources available, due to technical limitations inherent to such platform. The app for Android and Windows has more features and even offers a better user experience. In general, the application has the coins confirmed instantly and also the possibility to "Comment", "Save" and "View", which is not possible in the Browser.

Why does it take some time to win interactions?

InsteLikes does not manage profiles and does not programmatically or automatically add interactions. Therefore, estimating a maximum and minimum time depends on numerous factors, making it impossible to be precise. InsteLikes users choose to fulfill your request voluntarily. The time to receive each interaction may vary depending on the "Reputation" chosen, the topic/theme of the profile, the amount of coins you offer as a reward, the additional filters chosen and the amount of people using InsteLikes at that time.

Can I choose who I will follow or like?

Yes. InsteLikes does not have administrative access to your social media profile, so it is impossible for InsteLikes to perform actions on your behalf. You, as the owner of the profile, are the only person who has the ability to interact and are solely responsible for your profile. You should only follow the users that interest you. In your InsteLikes Feed you will see several profiles, choose to fulfill the requests that you like the most, those that have interests and topics similar to yours. Remember that the interactions are being made by you, directly on Instagram/TikTok.

Can I use the app for free?

Yes. InsteLikes is free to use. InsteLikes may offer some additional features that are paid for, but are completely optional. Obviously, the InsteLikes website and app require an internet connection, which can come at a cost.

Can I use a profile in private or restricted mode?

No. To use InsteLikes, the profile must be in public mode and accessible to all audiences at all times.

Boost your profile with InsteLikes!

Use InsteLikes wherever you are, download it for free and start gaining followers!

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