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InsteLikes is the successor to InstaLikes, published in July 2016. But first we can talk a little about the previous site, InstaLikes, it was developed by a Brazilian while attending high school, and followed as a challenge, when a classmate suggested the elaboration of the site to get followers and likes on Instagram.

We can say that the challenge was completed, since then we have gone through several changes and started in 2013.

InsteLikes was created to be the best site to get followers and likes on Instagram, at the same time as it is as safe as possible.

In 2013, InstaLikes was released, and it became a success. Between 2013 and 2015, other variations of InstaLikes were released, for Facebook (FacesLikes), SoundCloud (SoundsLikes) and Twitter (TWTLikes), and were closed in 2016.

In 2016, InsteLikes was published, being a drastic change from InstaLikes, but with the same objective.

In 2019, InsteLikes was updated, with a new design and new features, such as challenges and pending coins.

In 2021, InsteLikes was updated again, and this is the current version of InsteLikes, offering a better experience and applications for Android, macOS and Windows.


About InsteLikes currently

In 2021 the 10th version of the service was published, since 2013. This latest version brings several improvements over the previous one, from 2019.

The new version of InsteLikes was developed to be the easiest and fastest to use, with a simple and intuitive design, and with a better user experience.

InsteLikes is the best site to get followers and likes on Instagram, at the same time as it is as safe as possible.

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