How is the priority of requests determined?

Last updated on 2023-06-11
Published on 2023-06-11

InsteLikes offers ways to gain followers, likes, comments, and even saves and views on Instagram. However, as you may notice, there are various requests being processed concurrently, created by different users of the website and the app.

So, how does InsteLikes decide which requests will be displayed on the Feed page and when these requests will be displayed?

InsteLikes uses a priority system to display requests in the Feed, so that requests offering more coins have priority. Therefore, InsteLikes' decision follows the following order:

  1. Select a set of random requests, of random quantity.
  2. Select a subset, ordered based on the amount of coins it offers per interaction.
  3. In case of a tie in ordering, the existence of Priority and/or Premium advantage is considered.
  4. In case of a tie in ordering, the amount of remaining coins available for the request is also considered.
  5. In case of a total tie, a pseudo-random generator is used.

Therefore, assume that there are a total of 10 requests, in the following form:

RequestCoins per InteractionPremiumCoins Remaning

Assume we want to select 2 requests. Thus, we will first use a cryptographically-secure random number generator to create a subset.

Suppose the generated subset is:

{#01, #03, #04, #05, #10}

We need to order by who offers more coins, in this case:

{#03, #04, #05, #01, #10}

Now, we order based on Premium/Priority priority:

{#03, #05, #04, #01, #10}

Now we order based on the priority of remaining coins:

{#03, #05, #04, #01, #10}

In the end, requests #03 and #05 will be displayed.

InsteLikes creates a subset with some randomly chosen follower requests and then uses the amount of coins (and other criteria) as a form of priority. Therefore, it is important to note that the requests number #07, #08 or #02 offer more coins, but were not selected for display. The reason for this is that they were not selected in the first step, of random selection.

Requests that offer a smaller amount of coins, like #10, #09 and #06, will hardly be chosen, and their only chances of being selected are if there are more requests with equally low amounts of coins (and consequently win in tie-breaking criteria); or if the initial subset has a small size, for example, of 2 items and exactly these two items are #09 and #06.

Therefore, the greater the amount of coins you offer per interaction, the greater are the chances of winning the tie-breaking criteria and, consequently, gaining followers.

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