Pending coins are canceled when the interaction is not done as required.


Using a website, you will receive pending coins whenever you claim to have performed an interaction. These coins are confirmed or cancelled. If canceled, it is an indication that you have not fulfilled the request or InsteLikes has not been able to find the interaction. It is important to note the connected profile and it should interact with the same profile that is in use in InsteLikes. For example, if you are using @Ana in InsteLikes you must fulfill the orders using @Ana's profile.


Using the InsteLikes app, for Android or Windows, coins tend to be confirmed instantly. If you are unable to complete the interaction, it is likely that your profile is unable to perform the requested interaction or that you are using the wrong profile.

It is important that you visit the Status page to see the availability of services and possible issues that may impact the confirmation of transactions.

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Published on 2021-09-12 Last updated on 2021-09-12

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